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1. Ownership
In these terms, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘the company’ means:

KMK Exclusive Automobiles Ltd

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which is the owner of this Website and ‘you’ means the user of this Website.

2. Purpose of the Website
The Website provides information and services.

3. Data Protection Act 1998
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4. Question or concerns about personal data
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If you have any questions or concerns about our collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information, please write to the KMK Exclusive Automobiles Ltd, 29 Neville Rd. London, CR0 2DS.

4.1. Security Statement
KMK Exclusive will make an effort to ensure that all personal information relating to this website is secure against unauthorised access.

Where the company needs to send the information to third parties for the purpose of providing a service to you, we will provide those third parties only with the information they need to deliver the service, and they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.

5. Warranty

5.1 All parts supplied or fitted by us are covered by manufacturers standard warranty . The manufacturers warranty is addition to your statutory rights and is not affected by any change of ownership of the Goods. Remedial work under the manufacturers warranty may be carried out by any Repairer in EEA authorised directly or indirectly by manufacturer, who may repair or replace any defective Goods or refund an appropriate part of the price you paid for them.

5.2 We will carry out the Work with reasonable care and skill, and warrant that it will remain free of defects for a period of 12 months (excluding normal wear and tear), from the date the work is completed. However this warranty will not apply if the vehicle was involved in accident or if and to extent that a defects caused or worsened by your or driver of this vehicle: 5.2.1) failing to inform us promptly of the defect and allowing us promptly to examine the vehicle and endeavour to remedy the defect;
5.2.2) misusing or neglecting the vehicle or using or permitting it to be used for racing, rallying or similar sports;
5.2.3) failing to comply with instructions from us or manufacturer concerning the treatment, maintenance, care or service of the Vehicle or Goods;
5.2.4) fitting the vehicle or permitting it to be fitted, with parts or accessories or parts which have not been approved by manufacturer.
We “The Company” accept vehicles in order to provide Goods and/or Services. The provision of Goods and Services are subject to the following terms and conditions(in addition to any conditions stated above):

6.1 All estimates by the Company are based on the current cost to the Company of labour, material and spare parts at the date of estimate, and in the event of any variation occurring before or after acceptance the Company may if it thinks fit require the Customer to pay on completion of the work any increase due to such variation.
6.2 If no price is stated or if part only of the work covered by the estimate is carried out the Company shall be entitled to refrain from carrying out or completing such work (including any stripping down leading to determination as to the practicability or otherwise of any work and reassembly) and for materials and spare parts supplied.
6.3 If in the opinion of the Company it is impractical for any reason to carry out any of the work it is instructed to carry out it shall be entitled to refrain from carrying out or completing such work (notwithstanding that an estimate may have been given thereof) and to carry out only such work as in the opinion of the Company may be practicable.
6.4 Payment for all repairs and spare parts supplied is due on completion of work, but the Company may demand a deposit before commencing or in the course of any work. A repair is completed for the purpose of these conditions when notice has been given to the customer that vehicle is ready for collection or delivery.
6.5 The Company may apply vehicle storage fee at the rate of £20 + VAT per day if customer fails to collect his vehicle within 24hours from completion notice.
6.6 The Company shall have a general lien on a vehicle and all its contents for all moneys owing to the Company by the Customer on any account whatsoever. The Company shall be entitled to charge garage rent during any period in which the vehicle is retained by virtue of the lien.
6.7 If the Customer’s indebtedness to the Company is not satisfied within three month from the first account rendered to the Customer, the Company may without notice , sell the vehicle and/or the contest thereof by public auction or on a private treaty. The net proceeds of the sale shall be applied towards satisfying moneys due from the Customer to the Company, and any balance shall be paid by the Company to the Customer on demand.