Why should you choose KMK for your BMW and MINI Service

When buying a new or used BMW, you expect it to fulfil your expectations. Similarly, we understand the significance of proper servicing and maintenance for your BMW.  Our BMW and MINI workshop is approved by BMW, and we are using original servicing parts and fluids.

Saving you money without compromising the quality of service.

Using aftermarket service parts on some BMW models results in an average savings of £50–£80. At our BMW and MINI specialist garage in Croydon, we can supply Mahle, Bosch, and Man filtration, Lemforder suspension, and Brembo braking parts. All of these brands have been manufacturing and supplying original BMW parts for BMW and MINI factories for decades. We also stock Castrol Edge and Shell Helix oils, both of which have BMW Long Life 4 certificates, while Shell is currently the No. 1 BMW servicing oil supplier in the UK. During each service, an OE (original equipment) part number is established and cross-referenced to our stock of service parts. Service procedures are checked and matched with the BMW manufacturer’s recommendations based on the vehicle’s age, mileage, type of service intervals, etc.

On average, the Full Service (Oil Service with Air Filter, Microfilter, Spark Plugs, and Fuel Filter) price increases by £50 using BMW and MINI original parts.

Serviced at KMK BMW & MINI

Worried about having a KMK stamp and not a BMW one as it might decrease resale value!?- It is a myth rather than the truth.
At KMK, all service histories, together with invoices containing lists of parts, labour procedures, and technician notes and remarks, are stored in our database and available at any time to a current or new owner of a BMW (**). We will update your BMW service record on the BMW OSS (Online Service System) and on the IDrive in your vehicle.
For older BMWs, we use a dedicated KMK BMW & MINI service stamp.

BMW Service Charges

BMW service pricing table for most popular BMW models If your model is not listed, please call us for a quick quote.

Prices apply to engine size for diesel -max. 3000cc, petrol -max. 2000cc. Other engines – POA


Engine oil, Oil filter, Microfilter,  Standard scope, Visual health check, Service record update

Engine oil, Oil filter, Air filter, Microfilter, Spark plugs, Fuel filter (diesel only), Standard scope, Visual health check, Serviceable adjustments, Service record update
bmw-oil-service bmw-microfilter bmw-vehicle-check

 Brake fluid service, Service record update

Full inspection including Fluids, Wheels & Tyres, Electrical systems & Lights, Seatbelts, Road test


1 Series E81/82/87/88 petrol from £157 from £299 from £94 from £94
1 Series E81/82/87/88 diesel from £165 from £270 from £94 from £94
1 Series F20/21 petrol from £193 from £344 from £94 from £94
1 Series F20/21 diesel from £186 from £289 from £94 from £94
2 Series F22/23/45/46 petrol from £182 from £330 from £94 from £94
2 Series F22/23/45/46 diesel from £177 from £321 from £94 from £94
3 Series E90/91/92/93 petrol from £177 from £285 from £94 from £94
3 Series E90/91/92/93 diesel from £162 from £305 from £94 from £94
3 Series F30/31 petrol from £224 from £398 from £94 from £94
3 Series F30/31 diesel from £220 from £420 from £94 from £94
3 Series G20/21 petrol from £248 from £451 from £94 from £94
3 Series G20/21 diesel from £224 from £392 from £94 from £94
4 Series F32/33/36 petrol from £199 from £358 from £94 from £94
4 Series F32/33/36 diesel from £201 from £347 from £94 from £94
5 Series E60/61 petrol from £211 from £361 from £94 from £94
5 Series E60/61 diesel from £220 from £340 from £94 from £94
5 Series F10/11 petrol from £205 from £363 from £94 from £94
5 Series F10/11 diesel from £220 from £330 from £94 from £94
5 Series G30/31/38 petrol from £240 from £340 from £94 from £94
5 Series G30/31/38 diesel from £273 from £413 from £94 from £94
X5 E70 diesel M57 engine from £174 from £293 from £94 from £94
X5 E70 diesel N57 engine from £244 from £391 from £94 from £94
X3 E83 diesel from £193 from £313 from £94 from £94
X3 F25 2.0 diesel N47 engine from £189 from £363 from £94 from £94
X3 F25 3.0 diesel N57 engine from £236 from £377 from £94 from £94


BMW Diagnostic

We take care for your vehicle

KMK Autos invested in Opus IVS BMW diagnostic tool, capabilities of which meet and exceed (some functions require less time than BMW ISTA)  original BMW diagnostic tools used by BMW and MINI Dealerships across the world. This investment helped us to remain one of the Top BMW specialists in London and the Croydon area with so much needed additional features like module updates for the latest BMW & MINI, programming, coding, and adaptation procedures. Autologic BMW is a genuine alternative to ‘GT1’, ‘SSS’, and ‘ISTA’, often providing quicker diagnostics, coding, and programming than other BMW factory diagnostic tools. Additional features of the Opus IVS BMW tool include fitting aftermarket components and an increased number of retrofits.

When it comes to used BMW cars, a significant portion is sold by car traders with third-party warranties attached, spanning random periods of 3 months to 2 years. While these warranties can be beneficial, they may not cover every issue your vehicle might encounter. Our experience indicates that car breakdown cover service providers are well-versed in identifying the most costly and common problems specific to certain BMW models, strategically excluding them from the “what’s covered” list.

At our BMW Specialist Garage in London, we work seamlessly with all major warranty providers. Feel free to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to explain the process in detail. Our goal is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how the warranty applies to your BMW or MINI, providing transparency and peace of mind.

In conclusion, whether you’re facing software-related challenges or mechanical issues with your BMW or MINI, our expert technicians are here to provide a swift and reliable solution. Trust our BMW Specialist team in London to deliver professional service that exceeds your expectations.

The Critical Need to Replace Plastic Coolant Vent Pipes on BMW Engines (B38, B48, B58) for Preventive Maintenance


BMW engines, particularly those with codes B38, B48, and B58, have gained a reputation for delivering impressive performance and efficiency. However, owners of these vehicles need to be aware of a potential vulnerability in the form of brittle plastic coolant vent pipes. These pipes, located within the engine compartment, play a crucial role in the cooling system. The purpose of this article is to highlight the necessity of replacing these hoses proactively to avoid unexpected failures and costly repairs.

The Issue:

The coolant vent pipes in BMW engines with the mentioned engine codes are constructed from plastic, which can become brittle over time due to exposure to heat, engine vibrations, and other environmental factors. The aging process of these pipes often accelerates after 5-6 years of use, making them less flexible, and prone to sudden and unexpected failure. When these pipes break, it can result in a rapid loss of coolant, leading to overheating and potentially causing severe engine damage.  It takes usually less than 3-5 minutes to drive for the engine to overheat critically, resulting in the cylinder head and gasket failure. Due to the lightweight new engine designs and environmental challenges, these engines run at higher operating temperatures than their predecessors, while burning less fuel and providing more power. Information gathered from our customers suggests, that in some cases driving “till it’s safe to stop” or “just a couple of turns home” is the decisive factor, whether a new pipe or an expensive engine repair is an applicable solution.

No Advance Warning:

One of the most concerning aspects of these brittle plastic coolant vent pipes is the lack of advance warning before they fail. Unlike some automotive issues that may manifest warning signs, such as unusual noises or visible leaks, these hoses can break without any noticeable indications. This makes preventive maintenance even more crucial for BMW owners, as waiting until a failure occurs can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs.

Potential Consequences of Coolant Hose Failure:

  1. Engine Overheating: When coolant vent hoses fail, the engine loses its ability to regulate temperature effectively. Overheating can result in warped cylinder heads, damaged gaskets, and other serious engine problems.
  2. Catastrophic Engine Damage: If the issue is not addressed promptly, the engine may suffer irreparable damage. This could lead to the need for a complete engine replacement, an extremely costly endeavor.
  3. Stranded on the Road: A sudden coolant hose failure could leave drivers stranded on the side of the road, facing not only the inconvenience of a breakdown but also the potential for towing expenses.

Preventive Measure:

Given the potential consequences of plastic coolant vent pipe failure, BMW owners are strongly advised to take preventive measures. We recommend replacing the problematic vent pipes 5 years after manufacture even if the mileage is relatively low.


In conclusion, the necessity of replacing plastic coolant vent pipes on BMW engines with codes B38, B48, and B58 cannot be overstated. Owners of these vehicles should prioritize preventive maintenance to avoid the potentially severe consequences of unexpected hose failure. By staying vigilant and addressing this vulnerability, BMW enthusiasts can continue to enjoy the performance and reliability that these engines are known for without the looming threat of sudden breakdowns.

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If you own BMW  fitted with N47 engine and mileage is close to 80,00,- 100,000 miles, we strongly advice to get your car timing chain checked.

BMW models with N47 engine

  • 1 Series (2005 – 2014) : 114d , 116d , 118d , 120d , 125d
  • 2 Series (2014 – 2016) : 218d , 220d , 225d
  • 3 Series (2005 – 2014) : 316d , 318d , 320d , 325d
  • 4 Series (2014 – 2016) : 418d , 420d , 425d
  • 5 Series ( 2005 – 2014) : 518d , 520d , 525d
  • X1 (2009 – 2014) : sDrive16d , 18d , 20d , xDrive18d , xDrive20d
  • X3 (2008 – 2014) : 20d , xDrive20d , sDrive18dn47-engine

At KMK Croydon, we offer following services regarding N47 engine timing chain issue

  • Diagnostic check to measure timing chain wear ( elongation)
  • Replacement of worn timing chain components with upgraded, original BMW extended kit – POA
  • Replacement of faulty engine with good condition used engine (if timing chain has failed already. We help to find lowest mileage engine from reliable supplier)
  • Rebuild or repair of your engine – POA

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