Why should you choose KMK for your BMW and MINI Service

When buying a new or used BMW, you expect it to fulfil your expectations. Similarly, we understand the significance of proper servicing and maintenance for your BMW.  Our BMW and MINI workshop is approved by BMW, and we are using original servicing parts and fluids.

Saving you money without compromising the quality of service.

Using aftermarket service parts on some BMW models results in an average savings of £50–£80. At our BMW and MINI specialist garage in Croydon, we can supply Mahle, Bosch, and Man filtration, Lemforder suspension, and Brembo braking parts. All of these brands have been manufacturing and supplying original BMW parts for BMW and MINI factories for decades. We also stock Castrol Edge and Shell Helix oils, both of which have BMW Long Life 4 certificates, while Shell is currently the No. 1 BMW servicing oil supplier in the UK. During each service, an OE (original equipment) part number is established and cross-referenced to our stock of service parts. Service procedures are checked and matched with the BMW manufacturer’s recommendations based on the vehicle’s age, mileage, type of service intervals, etc.

On average, the Full Service (Oil Service with Air Filter, Microfilter, Spark Plugs, and Fuel Filter) price increases by £50 using BMW and MINI original parts.

Serviced at KMK BMW & MINI

Worried about having a KMK stamp and not a BMW one as it might decrease resale value!?- It is a myth rather than the truth.
At KMK, all service histories, together with invoices containing lists of parts, labour procedures, and technician notes and remarks, are stored in our database and available at any time to a current or new owner of a BMW (**). We will update your BMW service record on the BMW OSS (Online Service System) and on the IDrive in your vehicle.
For older BMWs, we use a dedicated KMK BMW & MINI service stamp.

BMW Service Charges

BMW service pricing table for most popular BMW models If your model is not listed, please call us for a quick quote.

Prices apply to engine size for diesel -max. 3000cc, petrol -max. 2000cc. Other engines – POA


engine oil, oil filter, safety check, service record update

engine oil, oil filter, air filter, microfilter, fuel filter (diesel only), vehicle inspection, serviceable adjustments, service record update
bmw-oil-service bmw-microfilter bmw-vehicle-check

 brake fluid service, service record update


1 Series E81/82/87/88 petrol £130 £250 £60 £60
1 Series E81/82/87/88 diesel £130 £250 £60 £60
1 Series F20/21 petrol £130 £260 £60 £60
1 Series F20/21 diesel £130 £300 £60 £60
2 Series F22/23/45/46 petrol £130 £260 £60 £60
2 Series F22/23/45/46 diesel £130 £320 £60 £60
3 Series E90/91/92/93 petrol £130 £250 £60 £60
3 Series E90/91/92/93 diesel from £130 from £280 £60 £60
3 Series F30/31 petrol £130 £300 £60 £60
3 Series F30/31 diesel from £130 from £300 £60 £60
3 Series G20/21 petrol £POA £POA £POA £POA
3 Series G20/21 diesel £150 £390 £60 £60
4 Series F32/33/36 petrol £130 £300 £60 £60
4 Series F32/33/36 diesel £130 £306 £60 £60
5 Series E60/61 petrol £130 £250 £60 £60
5 Series E60/61 diesel from £140 from £260 £60 £60
5 Series F10/11 petrol £130 £300 £60 £60
5 Series F10/11 diesel £130 £306 £60 £60
5 Series G30/31/38 petrol £POA £POA £POA £POA
5 Series G30/31/38 diesel £POA £POA £POA £POA
X5 E70 diesel M57 engine £130 £351 £60 £60
X5 E70 diesel N57 engine £130 £362 £60 £60
X3 E83 diesel £130 £290 £60 £60
X3 F25 2.0 diesel N47 engine £130 £351 £60 £60
X3 F25 3.0 diesel N57 engine £130 £362 £60 £60