Why should you choose KMK for your BMW & MINI Service

When buying new or used BMW, you expect it to fulfill your expectations. Same way we understand the importance of correct servicing and maintenance of your BMW.

With Autologic tool platform which provides bespoke BMW technical support, KMK Autos became an established independent BMW specialist in Croydon area.

Saving You Money without Compromising Quality of Service

At our BMW/ MINI specialist garage in Croydon, we use BOSH and MAN filtration. Both brands have been manufacturing original BMW parts for decades. We also stock Castrol Edge and Shell Helix oils – both has BMW Long Life 4 certificates. During each service an OE (Original Equipment) part number is established and cross-referenced to our stock of service parts. Service scheduled procedures are checked and matched with BMW manufacturer’s recommendations based on vehicle’s age, mileage, type of service intervals etc. If customer demands filters and parts to be original , we have no problem with that.

On average Full and Major servicing cost increases by £50,- using BMW & MINI supplied filters.

Serviced at KMK

Worrying about having KMK stamp and not BMW one as it might decrease resale value!?- It is a Myth rather than the Truth.
At KMK all service history together with invoices containing list of parts, named labour procedures, technicians notes and remarks are stored on our data base and available at any time to current or new owner of BMW. Automated Service and MOT reminders are sent out to each BMW owner every year for free of charge, one month in advance, so you could plan and book in advance at your convenience.
We do use our dedicated BMW/MINI service stamp & we are an account holder of BMW OSS ( Online Service System).

Collection & Delivery Service

This is how we remain the most local BMW Specialist in South London for our clients.
With FULL or MAJOR Service we have vehicle collection and delivery service available for a set fee of £24,- ( max 4 miles distance,  subject to availability, Terms and Conditions apply).

BMW Service Costs

BMW Service pricing table of most popular BMW models. If your model is not listed, please call us for a quick quote.
Here you can see BMW Service pricing table of most popular BMW models. If your model is not listed, please call us for a quick quote.

Prices apply to engine size for diesel -max. 3000cc, petrol -max. 2000cc. Other engines – POA


engine oil, oil filter, safety check

engine oil, oil filter, air filter,micro filter, fuel filter (diesel only), vehicle inspection, serviceable adjustments
bmw-oil-service bmw-microfilter bmw-vehicle-check

full service procedures plus brake fluid service
bmw-oil-service bmw-microfilterbmw-vehicle-check bmw-brake-fluid
1 Series E81/82/87/88 petrol £120 £250 £310
1 Series E81/82/87/88 diesel £120 £250 £310
1 Series F20/21 petrol £130 £260 £320
1 Series F20/21 diesel £130 £300 £360
3 Series E90/91/92/93 petrol £120 £250 £310
3 Series E90/91/92/93 diesel £130 £280 £340
3 Series F30/31 petrol £150 £300 £360
3 Series F30/31 diesel £150 £300 £360
5 Series E60/61 petrol £130 £250 £310
5 Series E60/61 diesel £140 £260 £320
5 Series F10/11 petrol £150 £276 £336
5 Series F10/11 diesel £150 £306 £366
X5 E70 diesel M57 engine £150 £290 £340
X5 E70 diesel N57 engine £165 £330 £390
X3 E83 diesel £150 £290 £340
X3 F25 2.0 diesel N47 engine £160 £330 £390
X3 F25 3.0 diesel N57 engine £165 £330 £390



If your BMW highlighted “INSPECTION DUE” , this means your  car’s condition needs to be checked by a vehicle technician. Inspection typically takes 1 hour to complete and all major systems like brakes, suspension, drivetrain are inspected. Any issues found are reported to the owner together with required repair estimate.


Similar Inspection is carried out during any FULL or MAJOR BMW Service together with maintenance procedures. However if the owner of BMW decides to stick to CBS (Condition Based Service) then frequency of visits to the workshop increases as all serviceable components have different due date and mileage which is calculated by vehicles integrated system. CBS servicing ensures that no parts are replaced to early at the same time not to late.