Car Air Conditioning in today’s vehicles is one of the most noticeable comfort system that over the past 10 years became a standard luxury.

Main benefits of Air Conditioning System

  • Lovering temperature in cabin & improving driver/passenger comfort
  • Keeping air cleaner inside the cabin
  • Improves safety. In winter & during cold and wet season Air Conditioning system removes excess moisture from fresh air, helping to demist windows better when working together with heating.

Call us for all Car Air Conditioning needs including Air Conditioning regas service, diagnostic, leak finding, antibacterial treatment, and repairs. Specially trained air conditioning specialists will quickly identify & repair faulty component with your AC or Climate control system by using the latest diagnostic equipment and service tools. All car air conditioning repair work, carried out by KMK technicians is guaranteed for 12 months. All parts carry a standard one year warranty.

Car Air Conditioning Services available at Croydon workshop.

  • Air Conditioning Regas (both R1234A and new HFO-1234yf )
  • Faut Diagnostic
  • AC Gas Leak finding & repairs
  • Maintenance & antibacterial treatment


Why do I need to service my vehicles air conditioning as it is working fine?

1. The correct amount of refrigerant and fresh oil improves the efficiency of AC system and life span of compressor.

2. Cleaning air intake ports, water drainage pipes together with bacteria treatment prevents AC system from mold build up on inner walls which is the reason of bad odor and may cause health problems.

3. Efficiently operating air conditioning system may reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

My climate control system does blow only warm air. Will AC servicing procedure or recharge fix it?

Yes and no. If your system is low on gas, then regas will get the system working. But any other faults like gas leakage, electrical or mechanical component faults need to be diagnosed first and eliminated before recharge can be done.

I recharged AC one month ago and now it’s empty again. Can you find & fix the issue.

Yes. At our Croydon workshop, leak finding procedures are carried out daily during the summer season and all year round. It is strongly advisable to repair AC system soon as you noticed something wrong. Driving a car with empty air conditioning system for an extended period of time can cause additional problems to develop.

How often do I need to service AC system?

Most vehicle manufacturers do recommend to service air conditioning system every two years. The cabin air filter has to be checked always during each annual maintenance service and replaced if required. Car air conditioning can present unexpected and unexplained problems:
the heat that doesn’t heat, air conditioning that doesn’t cool, defrosters that can’t keep the windows clear, unpleasant odor.

Regular car air conditioning servicing ensures effective and efficient system operation for longer.  KMK’s auto repair technicians are fully trained to detect, diagnose and repair climate control system faults. It is recommended that your cars air conditioning system is serviced every two years. Typical annual car service does not include an AC servicing so it’s vital to invest in a separate air conditioning service to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the system and reduce your fuel costs.