Car Service

Regular car servicing helps to prolong durability and safety of your vehicle,reducing the risk of unexpected breakdown.At KMK Autos we have created a 3 Stage Car Service plan to cover all your vehicle service maintenance needs at fair fixed price. For example purposes we display most popular car servicing prices. Please call for a quote if your car is not listed.

Vehicle Make / Model


Interim Service
Every 6 months if high mileage reached.

engine oil, oil filter, safety check

Every 12 months, variable mileage.

engine oil, oil filter, air filter,micro filter, fuel filter (diesel only), vehicle inspection, serviceable adjustments

Every 24 months, variable mileage.

full service procedures plus brake fluid service & air conditioning service
AUDI A6 AVANT TDI SE 2.0TDI 2010 (10) £110 £197 £287
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT BLUEMOTION TDI 1.6TDI 2011 (11) £110 £195 £266


Please note – prices shown for vehicle models are for sample purpose and likely to change together with automotive market trend.

Every vehicle  at our car service Croydon workshop is automatically added to KMK’s internal vehicle/owner database which means that:
All repair & service history is available on request to current or new vehicle owner.
Automated reminder system will let you know about Service & MOT 30days in advance by e-mail, SMS or Post.
Previous Service or repair notes and advisories created by technician are instantly available to new employees.

Interim Service

This low cost service is designed for car and van drivers who reaching high mileage within 6 months. In order not to abuse engine and other components this service has to be carried out in between your annual full or premium service.

Full Service

This is annual service. It includes all procedures that are recommended by car or van manufacturer as required to be carried out every 12 months regardless mileage or when “service” requested by dashboard.

Major Service

It is same as annual full service but with additional 24 month procedure – brake fluid service included already.